• »Customers deserve better
    services and experiences.«

    Organizations that create customer value will thrive.

    Stefan is an international coach, keynote speaker and consultant with a focus on service innovation, customer experience and multidisciplinary collaboration.

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  • The ultimate frontier for differentiation, loyalty and growth.

    If you and your team want inspiration or help to find new areas for growth, raise the level of your customer experience and create value faster, please get in touch.

    Mutual Value Innovation –
    Focus your time where customers care most and where you get the greatest business impact.

    Learn the frameworks, tools and methods to optimize how you create value for your customers and your organization.

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    Creating Value for Quality of Life

    As chair of the 2014 Service Design Global Conference, Stefan led the Nordic co-creation and helped bring together 600 thought leaders and practitioners from around the world to explore and experience "Creating Value for Quality of Life".

  • Keynotes & lectures

    Stefan speaks frequently about trends, innovation, customer experience, change management, digital transformation and collaboration.
    »Stefan inspired us with his engaging and thought-provoking presentation.«
    »Many talk about customer centricity. Stefan knows how to set you on fire to start the transformation today.«
    Example speaking topics
    • Paradigm shift in business and society – Trends and drivers for new opportunity
    • Mutual value for organizations & customers – Engaging customers and staff in co-design
    • From products to services and experiences – Service Design as a proven approach
    • How to drive and cultivate emergent change – Better collaborate across functions
    • Design for a better Customer Experience – Converging digital, physical and human touchpoints

  • Workshops & Coaching

    How do we best uncover latent customer needs?
    How do we co-create with our diverse team?
    Where can we find new inspiration?
    Where shall we start to navigate this complex challenge?
    How can we completely re-think business and  organisational models?
    How do we make sure this actually happens?

    Stefan has helped many organisations and teams as an experienced facilitator and coach to kick-start and support initiatives and programmes.

    All workshops and engagements are customised to fit individual needs. Tested and tried methods and formats are used to ensure effective and strong results.

    The outcomes range from new insights, strategies, ideas, prototypes, maps, startups, improved productivity and satisfaction to new ways of thinking and cultural change.

    Customer Empathy

    Connecting with true customer needs and desires becomes the driving force for culture change.

    Holistic Thinking

    Bringing departments and perspectives together to look across and beyond boundaries

    Experience Prototyping

    Test. Learn. Improve – in loops and collaboratively. Design is a great shared language and catalyst for transformation.
  • Practical access to Service Design

    The service sector represents almost 80% of the economy. However, services are not as productive for organisations and as satisfying for clients as they could be. Services have a design problem.

    Designing for services requires special considerations. Services are not tangible, cannot be stored or owned, customers are actively involved and experience them over time.


    Service Design is an emerging field with a focus on complex and interactive experiences, processes and systems. It brings together methods and experts from related fields and customers in the design process.


    Stefan's book "Service Design – Practical Access to Service Design" gives a great overview and introduction to the thinking frameworks and ways of working.

    Service Design integrates management, marketing, research and design. It acts as an interface and connects organisations and customers in a new way.

    Many organisations are working hard to improve and innovate services, and there are many great examples, however, improvement is seldom done regularly, systematically or effectively. That is why there is a need for dedicated Service Design.

  • Stefan Moritz

    Stefan Moritz

    Stefan’s background is in design with a focus on service innovation, customer experience and transformation leadership. He has worked with governments, public sector organizations and blue chip brands such as adidas, IKEA, Disney and Philips. Stefan regularly gives keynote speeches, runs workshops, coaches executives and teaches at universities. He is Vice President Customer Experience and Director of Service Design at Veryday, one of the world’s top-ranking design and innovation consultancies. Stefan lives with his wife and three children in Stockholm, Sweden.

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