• »Super Human Experiences and HumanAIzed Growth

    – a new paradigm for value creation.«

    Stefan is an international coach, speaker and advisor – with focus on service innovation, humanizing technology and reimagined experiences he helps organizations empower people to collaborate with AI in new and impactful flows.

  • Forging the human-machine alliance

    Rather than fearing the rise of the machines (automation and AI), organizations would do well to embrace them as more than just a tool to support productivity.

    Shaping the ‘new possible’ through employee experience

    In an era of workplace upheaval, companies that create tailored, authentic experiences strengthen employee purpose, ignite energy, and elevate organization-wide performance.

    Mutual Value Innovation –
    Focus your time where customers care most and where you get the greatest business impact.

    Learn the frameworks, tools and methods to optimize how you create value for your customers and your organization.

    The ultimate frontier for differentiation, loyalty and growth.

    If you and your team want inspiration or help to find new areas for growth, raise the level of your customer experience and create value faster, please get in touch.

  • Keynotes & lectures


    Stefan speaks frequently about consumer trends, innovation, service design, human experience design, customer experience, change management, digital transformation and collaboration.


    »Stefan inspired us with his engaging and thought-provoking presentation.«


    »Many talk about customer centricity. Stefan knows how to get you fired up and motivated to start that transformation today.«


    Example speaking topics

    • The impact of GenAI on the future of work – Shaping human-machine collaboration
    • Unlocking innovation and productivity – Trends and drivers for new opportunity
    • Mutual value for organizations & customers – Engaging customers and staff in co-design
    • From products to services and experiences – Service Design as a proven approach
    • How to drive and cultivate emergent change – Better collaborate across functions
    • Customer Centric Leadership – How to unclock growth and satisfaction
  • Workshops & Coaching

    How do we best uncover latent customer needs?

    How do we innovate faster with our cross-functional team? 

    Where can we leverage best practice and new ideas to raise our ambition?

    Where shall we start to navigate complex challenges? 

    How can we completely re-imagine and de-risk our business and operating model?

    How do we make sure this actually happens and the change sticks? 


    Stefan has helped many organisations and teams as an experienced facilitator and coach to kick-start and support initiatives. All workshops and engagements are customised to fit individual needs. Proven methods are used to ensure effective and lasting impact.

    The outcomes range from new insights, innovative ideas and strategies, prototypes, new business ventures all the way to productivity and satisfaction. Ultimately Stefan helps your team to unlock to new ways of working and embedd cultural change.

    Customer Empathy

    Connecting with true customer needs and desires becomes the driving force for culture change.



    Bringing departments and perspectives together to look across and beyond boundaries.

    Experience Prototyping

    Test. Learn. Improve – in loops and collaboratively. Design is a great shared language and catalyst for transformation.

  • Practical access to Service Design

    The service sector represents almost 80% of the economy. However, services are not as productive for organisations and as satisfying for clients as they could be. Services have a design problem.Designing for services requires special considerations. Services are not tangible, cannot be stored or owned, customers are actively involved and experience them over time. 


    Service Design is an emerging field with a focus on complex and interactive experiences, processes and systems. It brings together methods and experts from related fields and customers in the design process. Stefan's e-book "Practical Access to Service Design" from 2005 gives a great overview and introduction to the thinking frameworks and ways of working.

    Free e-book

    I hostet a documentary to give an insight into the progress of Service Design in the Nordics.

  • Stefan Moritz

    Stefan Moritz

    As a hands-on visionary and globally recognized thought leader, Stefan is a senior expert and Senior Design Director at McKinsey. Stefan brings 20+ years international experience from leadership roles at Global companies, award-winning agencies and as advisor across industries.


    As a thought-leader on service design, future of work and innovation he helps clients to empower employees to deliver stellar customer experience and unlock growth. Stefan has worked with governments, public-sector organizations, and global brands including IKEA, LEGO, Ericsson, Amex, Nordea, Disney and adidas.

  • Hope to see you soon.

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